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Mobile Casino - Craps | Its history

'Craps' is a game that has evolved from the old English game 'Hazard'. Historians are in agreement that the development of 'craps' is attributed to an American with the French name of Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. The man lived from 1785 to 1868. He
was president of the Louisiana Senate in 1822-23. Since the developer of 'Craps' was an American, this is certainly one reason why the game is notably popular in the USA. The name 'Craps' is derived from the English word 'crab'. Already in the 16th century this was a common term for the throw of a one-doublette in dice games. The game is also known as 'Seven Eleven'.

Craps made it late into the casinos. The game was long held to be inelegant for casino gaming. However, it was the first dice game introduced to the casino of Monte Carlo. The rules of the game of 'Craps' are quite complex. Therefore, only a simplified version is usually offered in European casinos, under the name of 'European Seven Eleven'. There are no odds bets with this variant. Those variants with the most favourable bets for the player are absent.

One variant of the game is called 'Card Craps'. The reason for this is that in the USA craps was frowned upon at times. Card play, however, was tolerated. The aces, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s of 2 or three packs of playing cards are used here. So you play with 48 or 72 cards. Instead of dice, 2 cards are revealed here. The same rules apply as for dice. A few additional betting options; 'called 'Double hard way bets', have been developed with 'Card Craps.


Mobile Casino - Craps | Basic rules of 'Craps'

Craps is considered a casino game with a very precise gameplay. While only one player throws in a round, all participants can bet on 'victory' or 'defeat' of the active player.

The player who throws the dice is called the 'Shooter'. He sets any amount. The other players (the 'Faders') bet against it. When all the bets are announced, the 'Shooter' will throw 2 dice at the same time.

If the 'shooter' throws a total of 7 or 11 in the first throw, he has a 'Naturel' and wins immediately.
Sum totals of 2, 3 or 12 mean a 'crap' and he immediately stops.
But with 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 the shooter has gained his 'point' and he rolls a second time.

From the second throw, the following rules apply:

If the shooter throws the same total as in the first throw (i.e. his point), he wins.
If the shooter throws a total of 7, he loses ('Seven - out of the game').
If he throws any other sum, he has another throw.

If the 'shooter' wins, he is allowed to keep the dice and continue playing. However, he is not allowed to take profits from the bank.
If the 'shooter' loses because he threw a 'Crap' (2, 3 or 12) in the first throw, he can also keep the dice - if he wants. But must create a new 'Banco'.
Or he passes the dice on to his right-hand neighbour.
If the 'shooter' loses through the throw of a 7, he must immediately pass the dice on to his right-hand neighbour.
In a single game, an average of 3.4 throws is required to decide a win or a loss of the game. This is the expected duration of the game

Mobile Casino - Craps | Other rules and additions

In craps, you throw the dice with your hand against a wall of the gaming table. So no dice-cup is used. Craps cubes (also called 'African Dominoes') are red, transparent and have sharp edges and corners. Thus, unlike other dice games, they do not have soft edges. The 'eyes' are represented by large white circles.

If the 'Faders' set in the total less than the 'Banco', the 'Shooter' may take the difference between the two.

However, if the 'Faders' set an overall amount higher than the current sum, the 'shooter' (if he wants) can deposit the difference and keep the game in full. However, if he does not make this adjustment, other rules apply.

In addition to the actual game, the participants can also place various side bets among themselves - so-called 'side bets'. Numerous variants are possible. For example, whether a certain number of eyes falls on the next throw, etc.

Before you play this game online, make sure you have learned and understood the rules and conditions. This prevents unnecessary spike losses. This game requires a lot of practice. It is advisable to train yourself at this game for free - without real money bets.

Here are a few 'Craps Basics' you should know:

Pass:   Here you bet that the player will roll a 7 or an 11. Or that he already scores a "point" on the first throw of the dice. In this bet, you win the original bet once.

Don't Pass:   Bet on the player throwing a 2.3 or 12. In this bet, you win the original bet once.

Come:   Similar to the pass bet, this bet is not necessarily related to the first dice. It consists of inviting a belated player to the table, who can then enter the game immediately.

Don't Come: Similar to the Don't Pass bet, this bet is [nuptited???] limited to the first throw of the dice.

Odds:   This bet can be placed in addition to the four previous bets, but only after the first throw of the dice.

Field:   This bet refers to a single dice operation. It is paid out immediately in the case of dice of one of the following numbers 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11. In the case of a dice of the 2, the payment ratio
increases to 2:1. In the case of a 12, the payment ratio increases to 3:1.

Big 6:   You bet that a 6 will be rolled before the 7. In this bet, you win the original bet once.

Big 8:   You bet that an 8 will be rolled before the 7. In this bet, you win the original bet once.

Place:   You bet that a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 will be rolled before the 7 or vice versa.

7:   You bet that a 7 will be rolled immediately. This bet corresponds to a payment ratio of 4 to 1.

11:   You bet that an 11 will be rolled immediately. In this bet, you win the original bet multiplied by 15.

Crap:   Bet on 2, 3, 12 or Craps with an attractive payment ratio of 7:1.


How do I find the best online craps deals? aims to present online casinos for Germany which offer the best casino experience on the Internet, in line with your own interests and needs. This saves you time looking for a reputable provider where you can play online craps either free or for real money.

Is online craps subject to fraud?

Reputable providers of craps do not defraud their clients, for to do so would destroy their reputation. You may already be familiar with the quality-seals on the websites of thesetrustworthy p roviders. The most important indication of serious business practices is a European gambling licence. Many vendors also rely on independent companies such as GLI, iTech Labs or eCOGRA to prove that they are serious and do not manipulate games.

How is 'Craps' played in a land-based casino?

Four casino employees work at the 'Craps' gaming table. The 'Boxman', 2 croupiers and the 'Stickman'. The latter can advise the player. The 'Stickman' puts five dice in front of the player. Of these, he chooses two. The player makes a bet and rolls towards the center of the table. After that, the 'Stickman' announces the total score. He collects the dice with a long stick. He waits until all bets that have won are paid out. He then returns the dice to the player, who rolls the dice again. In addition to all the bets he can choose, the person who rolls must also bet on 'don't Pass' or 'pass line'. All other players can bet on any combination of the table. The player loses the dice when he rolls a seven after the first throw ('point'). If the player has lost the dice, he loses his round and the 'Stickman' gives the dice to the next player.

What does the word 'craps' mean?

The craps game derives its name from the English word crab. It is the common name for a throw of two ones (one-dablette). [Craps should not be confused with 'crap' (noun, verb, and adjective)
which derives from Mr Thomas Crapper's invention, circa 1850, of the British flushing toilet]

Is craps available on the Internet in the German language?

Yes. As an example, here, in the 'more tables' section of the 'Quatro Casino', is the download variant. The web-page is translated into German via the drop-down menu.

Can I play 'Craps' online?

Various online casinos offer this dice game. See note on this page.

What does a craps table actually look like?

Hier soll das Bild vom Craps Tisch hin.

Are there statistical probabilities in the manner in which the dice fall?

Yes. Some players may have wondered about this. We shall create an extra page to cover this involved subject.


"You have to put the frog on the wall to find out if it's a prince?"
So then...  Do you throw the cubes against the wall and see what will become of them?


Since the rules of this game are quite extensive, we shall launch one or more extra web-pages devoted to the topic.

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