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The French word 'Roulette' literally means 'small wheel'. It refers to a globally known, widespread, traditional gambling game. Roulette is the name for the game. The roulette (the wheel) is     the gambling instrument. In roulette, different bets are placed on numbers, or on characteristics of numbers (red or black, even or odd number, etc.). The random final resting- place of a ball   in a hole determines the winning number.

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There are many different theories as to who invented this game. Historians the game has its roots in the 'wheel of Fortuna'of the Middle Ages, which it resembles.

 The French mathematician Blaise Pascal is often cited as roulette's inventor. However, this is based on a misunderstanding. He was one of the pioneers of probability theory, but his writings do  not mention the game. 'Meyer's Conversation Lexicon' sees its origins in 17th century Italy This is the first time that the large disc with 38 compartments appears. In addition, there was        'German Roulette' which, like the 'Boule Game', has only 18 compartments.


Mobile Casino - Bans Bring Nothing

In the 18th century roulette came to France. The French king, Louis XV, tried in vain to ban it. Similar situations exist in the present... In 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte allowed the game            exclusively in the playhouses of the Palais Royal in Paris. In 1837 Louis-Philippe I closed the playhouses. The period after 1837 was the hey-day of the German casinos. Baden Baden, Bad Homburg  and Wiesbaden welcomed visitors. After the founding of the Reich in 1872, the German casinos went to the wall: they were forced to close. And were not reopened until 1933.

 The bans in Germany and France benefitted for gambling in the Principality of Monaco. The casino of Monte Carlo had its heyday. Today, roulette is played worldwide according to uniform rules.    The only difference is the way of playing - with double zero or even without this. The rules are also differ on the ball falling into the 'zero'. Hence today's distinction between European       (French) and American roulette (with 'double zero'). So in American roulette, a number more is played on the table. The 'double zero'. This increases the advantage of the bank - to the           detriment of the players.

A few roulette basics

What is the best roulette strategy?

Roulette Martingale Strategy - Martingale is a roulette strategy that increases the bet in the event of a loss.

 Simple Roulette Paroli System - The Paroli Strategy is a popular system in roulette with both beginners and professionals. While according to Martingale the bet is always doubled in the event    of a loss, the bet is doubled according to the Paroli strategy whenever you have made a profit.

How much do you get when the ball falls into the compartment with the zero ??

All bets on the number 0 win with an odds of 1:36. If you win the combinations that contain the 0: Bets on two numbers including the 0, the bank pays out 1:18. Bets on three numbers   including  the 0 the bank pays 1:12. With four pay-outs, you are rewarded with 8 times your bet.

How many fields does the roulette table have?

The heart of the table is the roulette boiler. In European roulette it has 37 fields. In American roulette 38 fields. The use of 0 or 00 makes all the difference. The numbers are alternately in  a red or black box. The croupier launches the ball against the direction of rotation of the disc.

What is forbidden in roulette?

Mathematical systems - e.g. Martingale, Paroli or D'Alembert - are not prohibited. However, if a player wins a conspicuous amount, the casinos could become suspicious and, in the worst case,     react with a house ban. They have the right to do so. 

What is the name of the zero in roulette?


 What rules must be observed in roulette?

There are no complicated rules in roulette. Players at the table put certain amounts on numbers and colours or fixed combinations. Now the ball in the roulette wheel must come to a standstill    at the 'correct' number. If the ball remains in the wagered compartment, the player wins. If that is not the case, he incurs a loss.

Are there differences between European and French roulette?

French and European roulette are very similar. Red | Black is depicted in European roulette as a red and black diamond. The number of number fields, the possible bets and the game replay are     the same for both variants. In classic European roulette, the crouper's announcements are usually made in French.

What does American roulette offer by way of special features?

American roulette differs from the two variants mentioned above. In this game, a double zero is used in addition to the numbers zero to 36. The double zero increases the casino's house           advantage to roughly double (5.26%). The house advantage in French/European roulette is 2.7%. The probability of losing is therefore slightly higher in the American variant.

What does the winning rate of roulette mean?

In the game, it is possible to bet on different combinations of colours and/or numbers. If a player bets on a single number, the odds are 35:1. This means that in the Genwinn case, the player    gets 35 times his bet. More on the individual quotas later.

Play roulette online?

To play roulette, it is best to visit a mobile casino for real money. You're a little closer to the real casino feeling. Roulette, of course, is not restricted to live casinos. However, the      Internet player should seek to reputable providers. Freely accessible contact data, compliance with the legal regulations [independent audit and control], user ratings, etc. To name but a few    key points.

Are there any sensible roulette strategies?

With most gambling games, you should first enquire about any strategies that can help you win. And this applies also to roulette. But since the course of the game cannot be determined in         advance, strategies are of limited use in roulette. No one knows in advance in which field the ball will settle.

Winning probabilities in roulette

The higher the chance of winning, the lower the payout of the final prize.

 Here is an overview:

Bet Probability of winning                                                                             

Easy chance48.6%
Dozens or columns32.4%
Transversal simple16.2%
Transversal pleine8.1%


 What does 'Simple Chance' mean?

Numbers of 1-36 can be divided into two groups of 18 numbers in different ways. One possibility is to classify by colour. There are 18 numbers in 'RED' and 18 numbers in 'Black'. Win odds = 50:50.

What does 'dozens or columns' mean?

In the dozen system, you bet on a dozen or a column at a time. If you bet on the correct number, it pays off with a payout ratio of 2:1. However, there are 24 numbers where you go out empty-handed.

What is 'Transversal Simple'?

Transversal simple, Engl. Six line - You bet on the six numbers of two consecutive cross-rows of the tableau, e.B. on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

What is a 'Carré'?

0/2 or 13/14 or 27/30, the payout ratio is 17 : 1. Transversal pleine, Engl. Street: You bet on the three numbers of a cross row of the tableau. The payout ratio is 17: 1.

What does 'Cheval' mean?

The player bets on two numbers adjacent to the tableau. Z.B. 0/2 or 13/14 or 27/30. The payout ratio is 17: 1.

What does the term 'Plein' mean?

Probably the most well-known form of use is 'Plein', English 'Whole number'. This simply means that you are setting your token to a certain number. It doesn't matter if you want to bet on 1 to   36 or even zero. The payout ratio is in any case: 35:1.

 This was just a short, incomplete foray into the roulette technical terms. For every letter of the alphabet there are roulette technical terms - with the exception of 'X' and 'Y'. The so-        called technical jargon is therefore quite
 extensive. To keep track of the game, each player should learn the most important terms. But we will create an extra page for this. There are many technical terms when playing roulette online.   Some roulette terms are a must and should also be known to beginners, such as.B: Announcement or Carre. Learning the roulette language is very easy with the help of a special roulette lexicon.   This will allow you to communicate better with other roulette players. We will publish a more complete overview of these terms shortly with a linked sub-page.

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