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General information about Slot Games

The mechanical slot machine

The first slot machines worked purely mechanically. One of the first was the 'Black Cat', produced by the Caille brothers in 1889. This had one lever to start the game and is probably the source of the name 'One Armed Bandit'. The German mechanical engineer Charles August Fey, who emigratet to California, invented teh first 3-reel machine with the typical emigrant name 'Liberty Bell'.
Unfortunately he forgot to patent his invention. Thus the 3-reel machine became the common property of the vending machine suppliers. Probably the most famous name for such a vending machine is the name 'One Armed Bandit' appropriatly due to the facz it had one lever to start the game and the machine empties the players pocket's at thief. In the USA, the term 'slot machine' is the most common name today, and is wed worldwide for machines with coin slots. Australia prefers the term 'poker machine'. Great Britain opted for 'fruit machine' because fruit symbols were wedon the reels. These are very popular vending machines today. A rotation usually takes 2-3 seconds.

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The electro-mechanical machines

Initially, purely mechanical devices had been developed. Later, elktro-mechanical devices were built and used. They were placed at different sites. The operation was usually also done mechanically, after inserting this coins, playing chips or banknotes. The effect is based on the random principle and the way each player is playing. Nowadays, of course, purely electronic devices are at the norm. Which makes flawless use on the Internet possible. Millions of players make their free time more entertaining by treating themselves to a game on the PC or - more and more often - on their smartphone. Of course, it's not just the entertaining that's a reason to play. An equally large, if not greater, factor is the hope of a win. Who ever can make the richt moves in a gameand with win corresponding to stakes sometime the win can be in the life changing millions. Or the one who runs a web page and installs advertisements for certain games/casinos. And by no means forgetting the state. Which a significant percentage over multiple taxes [amusement tax; VAT].


Emergence of modern slot machines

Today, almost all vending machines are replaced by devices with one screen. Here the rollers and their course are displayed graphically. This made the game more diverse. The player can now choose what he wants between several games and bets. It is now also possible to set the paylines [sometimes up to over 100] themselves. Especially in U.S. casinos
where higher stakes are then possible. Up to $1000 per credit/rotation. This, of course, significantly increases the winning totals.

Development towards online gaming machines

The development of the Internet in its entirety with all its possibilities has of course also revolutionized the gambling industry. Many machines of the previous mechanical and screen variants can be found as adaptations on the Internet. So it's the software version of a game that started in the 1990's. The pioneer was the software forge 'Microgaming'. In 1997, Microgaming launched the first online slot machine. It ran under the name 'Fantastic Sevens'. Like other slot machines, it was equipped with a payline and three reels. 'Fantastic Sevens' is still one of the favorites of the online game freaks. Microgaming is still one of the leading providers today.

The software used to run online slot machines is comparable to the real slot machine.

The operation of online games such as 'Poker' and 'Craps' is very different from the original land-based versions. On the other hand, online slot machines operate in the same way as traditional slot machines. The online versions make it much easier to access a vending machine. Anyone with an Internet connection and a PC can play. The constantly improved smartphones give access a significant boost once again. You can gamble wherever you have an Internet connection. In the meantime, more than 50% of all game views and downloads are made via a smartphone.

Online gambling is a growth market that naturally also arouses the interest of governments. Especially in view of the expected tax revenues. So are stringent regulatory measure justified on the pretext of protecting the consumer against gambling  behaviour. Is there no 'gambling addiction' in the state lotter


Which casino slot apps pay real money?

Every casino, as a general rule, provides sweepstakes with the potential for real money gains. The appeal of a game is the possibility of winning real money. Of course, everyone has their own favourite, which is personal to themself.

Let us take as an example 'Casino Rewards'. In its 39 member casinos you will find an inexhaustible selection of slot games. Of course, the most popular are games with a high chance of winning or those that are connected to a jackpot. The most popular are 5-reel vending machines. All 'Mega Moolah' games or 'Lotsaloot' are very popular. It's not for nothing that 'Casino Rewards' has a 'Millionaires' Club'.

What are the best free slot games?

First of all, it should be noted that the games are provided free of charge. These are entertainment games using so-called 'play money'. So here is a question of personal preference: will you decide to forego the excitement of staking real money with a view to making a profit?

What is the best slot-game app?

A casino rarely provides an app for just one game. Most of the time, the app points to a specific casino where you can select the game of your choice.

Do I need a mobile casino app?

No. Anyone can access the desired casino online via the  website's link.

Are there casino apps to win real money?

Yes! That is the purpose of gambling: to win real money. And perhaps even make a life-changing win?

Are there mobile casinos for Android?

Yes. Nowadays more smartphone users than those on a PC treat themselves to a fun game, so the offer is also geared towards them.

Which slot machines offer the best bonuses?

Here a search will help you find the current answer. Bonuses can vary, depending upon a provider's current policy.

Is there a trick to slot machines?

First of all, trickery is usually illegal. Perpetrators are punished by providers. Play at certified casinos, unless you wish to take unnecessary risks.

Are slot machines programmed?

Slot machines have targeted percentages for distribution of takings. This is the same for all games, including table games. Casinos commonly advertise their payout percentages. Note that the programming produces purely random results. Independent control bodies such as the 'ecogra' monitor this. The odds are set such that jackpots occur less frequently than other winning combinations.


This FAQ section will be periodically added to.

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